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Some concluding thoughts

6832 km 62 days 345 hours 110 km/day 19,8 km/h

2013-08-04_0648_internetSix thousand eight hundred thirty-two kilometers. Sounds impressive right? Don’t be misled, it’s just the accumulation of 62 days of cycling with 15 rest days in between. This was my eighth ‘long’ distance bicycle tour. And no matter where I go, I keep meeting this people who think that you’re some sort of adventurer with super natural powers. And I keep telling them that anyone who wants it is capable of doing this. It’s really not that hard if you never go in overdrive and always keep continuing at your own pace. And before you know it you’ll fall in love with it anyway, so that will help you getting through some inevitable difficult moments. This trip was in so many ways unique. It was by far my longest one untill now, it was my first bicycle trip out of Europe, the first time that I traveled on my own,… Lets just keep things simple and say 1378104_665542341547_1482390564_nthat it was an unforgettable journey. The United States were beautiful and this not only in terms of nature. To this point I am still surprised about the generosity of many people I met during those three months and I owe many thanks to a lot of persons. Thank You! One figure to illustrate this: out of the 87 days I stayed in the US, I only paid 36 times for overnight accommodations (and I never stealth camped). WarmShowers guests, city parks, churches, family of fellow cyclists, complete strangers that you meet on the road: they all welcomed me and other cyclists on our trip across the country.

During the first six weeks I was traveling at an ever faster pace as my shape got better and better. I guess I was slowly turning into an endorphin junkie when I met Sara, Pedro and Joe again in 20130825_112925Jeffrey City. 🙂 The next day I raced to Lander with Joe. It was a great experience and he nearly lured me into riding the rest of the Trans Am together. But I am so happy now that I chose to slow down a bit and travel the rest of my journey with a group of newly made friends. My first 35 days I was riding about 128km a day, the next 27 days I did 87km on average. How does that saying go again? “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” We had so much fun together and if my blog was the victim of that, so be it. Of course I was also just being lazy because Annie & Jeanné, Garry and Sara & Pedro did actually find the time to blog while we were traveling together. I would especially like to mention this last blog: Sara & Pedro are still riding stong! They are in Mexico now on their journey to Ushuaia, Patagonia. I am actually silently dreaming of a South-American trip myself. Emphasis on silently.

But first things first: back to he USA! A new journey, a new blog. This is where you can find my new photo journal:  Camera Wanderings on WordPress or on Facebook. Good bye, Hello.

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